Step into the heart of Serie A TIM statistics with our innovative web application! From design to implementation, we have crafted a unique experience for Serie A team match analysts. In partnership with our client Math&Sport, we have developed an app that will significantly enhance the activities of match analysts.

What We Do:

We have devoted our expertise to UxD (User Experience Design), interaction, and visual design, bringing to life a feature-rich web app. With a focus on Data Visualization, we enable users to intuitively explore advanced statistics.

Key Features:

  • User Login and Profiling: Customize your experience by viewing only your team’s data.
  • Data Integration: Aggregate information from various sources for a comprehensive view.
  • Match Report: Generate detailed PDFs containing all advanced statistics for each match.
  • Match Replay: Relive the action with an interactive replay, tracking match evolution through detailed data.

Our App Structure:

For the project, we have our technological stack, including React, Rechart, D3Js, Redux Toolkit, and Typescript. This combination ensures a smooth and intuitive experience for Serie A TIM enthusiasts.

The Collaboration:

Math&Sport chose to rely on us because we embody the authentic spirit of partnership. Our dedication goes beyond mere service provision; we actively engage in achieving the client’s goals as true allies. Our frictionless UxD design is the result of a careful approach to user needs, ensuring a seamless and highly intuitive experience.

The speed at which we prototype and deploy solutions is our signature, enabling Math&Sport to stay at the forefront in a constantly evolving world. The flexibility and adaptability of our software and support process are the pillars that allow agile handling of changing requirements and unforeseen business shifts.

In short, our collaboration goes beyond technology, embracing synergy, innovation, and a swift response to market challenges.


Step into the world of advanced statistics with the new web app designed for Math and Sport and Seria A – an experience designed for football match analysts, easy to use, and packed with features.

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