Managing energy consumption has become essential, both for economic reasons and environmental sustainability. IREM devices represent an advanced solution for B2B electrical machinery, enabling significant energy savings. Let’s see how, in collaboration with IREM, we developed a web and mobile application to monitor and manage energy consumption data, providing energy managers with the tools to optimize their usage.

Scope of Work:

IREM energy savers are systems that allow for energy savings ranging from 5% to 15%, resulting in cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

Our mission was to develop an IoT system to collect and display data processed by the devices. System users can view real-time data or conduct advanced analysis of historical data. By combining operational efficiency and convenience, we aim to maximize the benefits derived from the data available to users.

What We Have Done:

UxD Design: We handled the design of the graphical interface and interactions, creating an intuitive, engaging, and modern user experience.

IoT and Remote Management: In close collaboration with Irem technicians, we designed and implemented the IoT platform for collecting and processing remote data sent by devices in the field. A dedicated backend system receives processes, and stores data in real time. A microservices architecture then handles data distribution to frontend applications.

Web & Mobile App: With a consistent experience, the web platform and mobile app offer advanced data access features with versatile and intuitive modes.

Data Visualization: We implemented advanced Data Visualization tools for clear data representation, including support for geolocation and map integration.

Key Aspects:

IoT Data Collection: Irem devices at customer sites collect telemetry and operational data. They send it in real-time to a central system that collects and processes them, making it centrally available for applications.

User Experience: With a focus on ease of use, we created intuitive dashboards to make data consumption an immediate and simplified experience for users.

Integrations: We implemented a multilingual and multi-theme application, offering personalized options such as light and dark themes, ensuring an accessible and adaptable application.


The collaboration between digit and IREM in developing the data collection and visualization platform marks a new chapter in the transition to digitally-centered cooperation, emphasizing both companies’ commitment to continuous innovation. The combination of intuitive design, accessibility, and advanced functionality positions the platform created by digit at the forefront of digital energy optimization consumption.

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